Tekoäly ja taide: uhka vai rikkaus 30.5.

Artificial intelligence and art: threat or wealth


Welcome to the Heureka auditorium to discuss a current topic on Thursday 30.5. at 5 p.m. Free admission to the event!

ABLOY x Heureka

ABLOY x Heureka

During March, ABLOY x Heureka join forces for a more responsible tomorrow. Between 4.–29.3.2024, you can leave your own future promise in a time capsule found in Heureka. The time capsule will be opened one hundred years from now on March 1, 2124.

Näyttelyvaihdon aikana liput -20%

During the exhibition change, tickets -20%

We are building a new one

We are building a new Traveling in space exhibition, which will open in Heureka on February 10, 2024. During the exchange of exhibitions, 8.1.-9.2. tickets -20%

Lasten lääketieteen päivä 23.3.2024

Children's Medicine Day 23 March 2024

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. , Heureka will celebrate the beloved Children's Medicine Day, where both children and adults can step into the shoes of a doctor or researcher.

H18: Camp Heureka 24.5.

H18: Camp Heureka 24.5.


Friday 24.5. from 19:00 to 24:00 we celebrate the adults' evening in a camp atmosphere. There will be interesting science content and nostalgic summer camp program indoors and outdoors.

Heurekassa kaikkien aikojen 5. vilkkain vuosi

Heureka's 5th busiest year ever


The year 2023 was Heureka's fifth busiest ever in the science center's 34-year history. There were almost 348,000 visitors last year