• Welcome to Heureka!

    At best, a visit to Heureka will inspire you to learn all kinds of things! Make the most of your visit by preparing for it together in advance and continue the learning experience even after the visit to the school.

  • Leikin voima näyttelyssä lapsi tasapainottelee laavan yläpuolella.

    The role of the teacher

    Please support your students' visit to Heureka and be accessible to them in the exhibition areas as well. Although the students are the responsibility of their school's adults during the visit, our employees are happy to help the students. Please note that Heureka also has exhibits that have restrictions on their use, such as a height limit, and the safe use of which requires careful reading of the instructions. We recommend exploring these destinations together with an adult.

  • Before the visit

    Read all the necessary instructions before the visit, such as booking a visit, how to prepare for the visit, and matters related to arrival and accessibility.

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  • During the visit

    Read more e.g. learning tasks related to the exhibitions, the teacher's role during the visit, Dining and storage and ticket sales.

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  • After the visit

    Read more about what you need to know after visiting Heureka.

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