Tekoäly – Me, Myself & AI

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    The Artificial Intelligence – Me, Myself & AI exhibition deals with the basics of artificial intelligence development, the interaction of humans and robots controlled by artificial intelligence, and the social dimensions of the development of artificial intelligence in a fun and interactive way.

    Artificial intelligence is already involved in our everyday life in many ways. Since artificial intelligence is built by us humans, it is also good for us to think together about what kind of artificial intelligence we want and how we want to use it.

  • Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence

    In the artificial intelligence exhibition, a story about artificial intelligence runs in the background of the working Scientist. Let's get to the Artificial Intelligence exhibition to visit the Scientist's home, yard and workshop. A scientist has developed fun devices for his home that utilize artificial intelligence. He is interested in exploring what we can do together with artificial intelligence.


A scientist has developed devices for his home containing artificial intelligence, with which you can make life more fun and try new things. In the scientist's home, you can write poems and draw together with artificial intelligence.

What else would you teach a kitchen robot?


A scientist in his yard has built fun games and gadgets using artificial intelligence for the parties that are just starting. Can you beat an AI-controlled robot arm in a rock-scissors-paper game?


In his workshop, he trains robots with artificial intelligence and raises thoughts about what responsible artificial intelligence is. Will you manage to train a robot that knows how to search for things lost by the Scientist?

  • Artificial intelligence

    Computer programs that imitate activities that require intelligence, such as reasoning, recognizing pictures or speaking, are called artificial intelligence.

  • Rule-based artificial intelligence

    A computer program that imitates an action that requires intelligence by following instructions written by a human.

  • Machine learning

    An operation in which the computer examines the teaching material given to it and produces a model from which it can draw conclusions.

  • Teaching material

    Data containing examples, with which machine learning-based artificial intelligence is taught the desired things.

  • Algorithm

    A detailed description of the steps by which a computer can perform a particular task or solve a particular problem.

  • Neural network

    A machine learning system that consists of simple to each other connected computing units, neurons, and use them to form a model of the teaching material

  • Machine learning algorithm

    The instructions, by following which the computer examines the teaching material given to it and creates a model from it. With the help of the model, it can be done conclusions.

  • Heurekan turvallisemman tilan periaatteet

    Heurekan turvallisemman tilan periaatteet

    Heurekassa jokaisella pitää ola turvallinen olo. Kun olen Heurekassa, noudatan näitä turvallisen tilan periaatteita. 

  • Kesän tiedeleirit 2024

    Summer Science Camps 2024 in English weeks 27 & 28


    Note! There are English-speaking camps on weeks 27 and 28. All other camps are in Finnish.

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    Thursday evening ticket for 10 €


    Heureka offers admission tickets for 10 euros on Thursdays from 15:00 to 20:00 for both adults and children and young people aged 5-17. Children under the age of 5 can enter Heureka free of charge with a guardian. Thursday evening ticket prices are not valid 20.6.–8.8., 17.10., 5.12. and 26.12.

  • Planetaario suljetaan 12.8.2024 alkaen

    Planetaario suljetaan 12.8.2024 alkaen


    Planetaario on avoinna kesällä joka päivä, joten ehdit vielä katsomaan elokuvia ennen kuin planetaario suljetaan 12.8. alkaen ison uudistusremontin takia.

  • Jokiniemen arkeologiset kaivaukset

    Archaeological excavations at Jokiniemi


    Sign up and come and learn the excavation technique of archaeological excavation in practice! The excavations will be carried out on 24–28 June 2024 and 1–5 July 2024.

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  • Heurekassa toteutetuista ympäristöteoista esimerkkinä ovat vuonna 2023 katolle asennetut aurinkopaneelit.

    EcoCompass environmental certificate for Heureka


    Heureka awarded with EcoCompass environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland mark

  • Heurekassa kaikkien aikojen 5. vilkkain vuosi

    Heureka's 5th busiest year ever


    The year 2023 was Heureka's fifth busiest ever in the science center's 34-year history. There were almost 348,000 visitors last year