Galilei Science Park

Galilei Science Park is open until August 11, 2024.

Admission to the Science Park Galilei is included in the price of the Heureka ticket in summer.

In the Science Park you can also get coffee, refreshments, ice cream and snack pizza from the Science Restaurant's kiosk.

Science themes continue in the summer also outside

Admission to the Science Park Galilei is included in the price of the Heureka ticket in summer.

In the outdoor area in Galilei, there is an opportunity to try out large-scale objects based on the phenomena of music, mathematics and physics, many of which involve water. In addition, in the outdoor area you can find e.g. wheelchair track, where you can test how moving around with a wheelchair is different through level differences, doors and thresholds.

  • Penrose tiling

    In front of Heureka's main entrance is a round tiled area where the so-called Penrose tiles. Penrose tiles are a way to cover a plane continuously with a small number of different polygons. They got their name in the 1970s after the mathematician Roger Penrose.

  • Stone park

    Kivipuisto's 124 stones represent Finland's bedrock. The stones have been placed in the area by province, from Ordovician limestone imported from Åland all the way to gold ore from Kittilä. In addition to boulders, there is a piece of post-glacial beach pebbles from Vantaa. The boulders have been obtained as donations from entrepreneurs in the stone industry, the Geological Research Center, mining companies and some municipalities.

  • Kesän vinkit Heureka-vierailulle

    Summer tips for a Heureka visit

    See tips for your summer visit to Heureka! Heureka is open every day from 24.6.-11.8.2024 from 9-18 during the summer.

  • Planetaario suljetaan 12.8.2024 alkaen

    Planetarium will be closed from 12.8.2024

    The Planetarium is open every day during the summer, so you still have time to catch a movie before it closes on 12 August for a major renovation.

  • Toiseksi maineikkain organisaatio

    Second most reputable organisation

    Heureka is the second most reputable organisation in the travel and hospitality industry in the Trust&Reputation 2024 survey round

  • Heurekan turvallisemman tilan periaatteet

    Heureka is a safe space

    Everyone has the right to feel safe at Heureka. When I am at Heureka,I follow these principles for a safe space.

  • Kesän tiedeleirit 2024

    Summer Science Camps 2024 in English weeks 27 & 28


    Note! There are English-speaking camps on weeks 27 and 28. All other camps are in Finnish.

  • Torstain iltalippu kympillä

    Thursday evening ticket for 10 €


    Heureka offers admission tickets for 10 euros on Thursdays from 15:00 to 20:00 for both adults and children and young people aged 5-17. Children under the age of 5 can enter Heureka free of charge with a guardian. Thursday evening ticket prices are not valid 20.6.–8.8., 17.10., 5.12. and 26.12.

  • Jokiniemen arkeologiset kaivaukset

    Archaeological excavations at Jokiniemi


    Sign up and come and learn the excavation technique of archaeological excavation in practice! The excavations will be carried out on 24–28 June 2024 and 1–5 July 2024.

  • Lahjalippu Heurekaan

    Gift ticket to Heureka

    Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

    A gift of shared time with science experiences! With a gift ticket, you can experience a whopping 7 interactive exhibitions and the planetarium's captivating films.

  • Heurekassa toteutetuista ympäristöteoista esimerkkinä ovat vuonna 2023 katolle asennetut aurinkopaneelit.

    EcoCompass environmental certificate for Heureka


    Heureka awarded with EcoCompass environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland mark