The Power of Play

Exhibition open 4.2.2023 - 12.1.2025

Heurekan leikin voima näyttelyssä on lupa hassutella.

Play is the highest form of research

Long live playfulness and curiosity!

The Power of Play exhibition encourages children and adults alike to throw themselves into the world of play.

The main message of the exhibition is the importance of play and playfulness for all of us, regardless of age: play is the basis of a happy life.

The aim of the exhibition "The power of play" is to increase understanding of the meaning of play and to encourage children and adults alike to throw themselves into the world of play.

The exhibition also defends children's right to be children and reminds adults of their inner child.

Play science garden

The Power of Play exhibition is built in the form of a play science garden.

The five islands of the garden represent different types of play science nature: fun, creativity, adventure and exploration, daring and caring.

There are more than 20 different toys in the exhibition.

Partnership story: Heureka x Tikkurila PPG

"Heureka and PPG Tikkurila have many things in common, which makes Heureka a natural partner for us. We want to be strongly involved
supporting the education of science subjects and maintaining interest
to science, and Heureka offers an exciting way to learn about science
in a hands-on and interactive environment. We have cooperated in many ways ever since 1989, when Heureka was founded in Tikkurila, our neighbor in Vantaa," says Meri Vainikka, CEO of PPG Tikkurila.

Get to know the partnership story
  • Leikin voima näyttely ja tasapainotteleva lapsi.


    In the area of ​​silliness and playfulness, you can throw yourself into the game and have fun from the bottom of your heart.

    In games that encourage fun, you fly a cow, try to fit into the holes in the wall, bounce on benches, pick apples and try to survive the ball track.

  • Creativity

    In the area of creativity and self-expression you can create something new yourself, imagine what comes to mind and leave your mark on the exhibition.

    Creativity games include jumping on bouncy stones, telling stories, drawing on a shared artwork, building with blocks and dancing with coloured shadows.

  • Adventure and exploration

    Play is a child's way of getting to know the world, exploring and understanding it. We play to find something we don't know about yet.

    In the games in this area, you have adventures in the maze, you are amazed by the changed dimensions, you build a rainbow bridge for your dreams and you explore different animal figures.

  • Leikin voima näyttelyssä lapset ja aikuiset nauttivat yhdessäolosta.


    An important part of play is empathy, i.e. the ability to understand another person's experience. The ability to empathize is developed through imagination, as is the ability to trust others.

    In the caring area, you can participate in games where you guide together hot air balloon, build a cabin, dress up in role-playing costumes and share your favorite games with others. What kind of thoughts about caring and togetherness do they evoke in you?

  • Courage and testing one's own limits

    Courage is important, because trusting in one's own abilities and acting requires the courage to participate, experiment and fail.

    Throwing yourself into the game can take courage, especially from adults. In the area of ​​courage and your own limits, you can test yourself in different situations. Do you dare to put your keys in the game, throw yourself into jumping the tail, play the "Don't touch the earth" game or cross bogeys by walking on a tightrope? Or Do you dare to do what feels good to you despite the group pressure?