EcoCompass environmental certificate for Heureka

Heureka awarded with EcoCompass environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland mark

Heurekassa toteutetuista ympäristöteoista esimerkkinä ovat vuonna 2023 katolle asennetut aurinkopaneelit.
In November 2023, Tiedekeskus Heureka was awarded the EcoCompass environmental certificate. After that, Heureka also applied for the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) label developed by Visit Finland for the tourism industry, which required an environmental certificate. Heureka received the STF mark on 12 January 2024.

The EcoCompass environmental certificate awarded to Heureka on November 7, 2023 is a recognition of an organization that has passed an external audit, does systematic environmental work and is committed to the continuous development of environmental work. EcoCompass, managed by Kinos Oy, the Finnish Nature Conservation Association, is one of Finland's best-known industry-independent environmental systems, which is based on the international ISO 14001 standard. EcoCompass's environmental program helps organizations implement environmental actions in a targeted and planned manner. With it, Heureka has built together with its entire staff an environmental program with goals and measures to reduce environmental impacts and increase a positive footprint.

For the sustainable development of the Finnish tourism industry, Visit Finland has developed the Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) program and label. The program offers tourism companies and regions a toolkit for sustainable tourism development, which facilitates the systematic adoption of sustainable measures and choices into the everyday life of the organization. Companies and regions that have gone through the program and meet the criteria are awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland label, which is used to communicate sustainable operations especially to tourists.

- For us, environmental responsibility means concrete actions in our own operations. We are committed to saving natural resources and increasing positive effects on the environment. Responsible and ecologically sustainable operations have been a part of Heureka's everyday life for a long time, but the EcoCompass certificate and the STF program give us the tools to develop our operations in a long-term and goal-oriented way and to communicate our actions, says Heureka's communications and service director Heli Ainoa , who also acts as Heureka's responsible person for EcoCompass and In STF programs.

- According to our environmental promise, Science Center Heureka takes environmental aspects into account in all its operations and develops its operations to reduce harmful environmental effects. We encourage our staff and visitors to be ecological and sustainable. In addition, we increase environmental awareness through our content, Ainoa continues.

In addition to ecological sustainability, Heureka's responsibility work also includes social and financial responsibility, measures related to which are also required in the STF program. A strong foundation for financial responsibility is created by the fact that Heureka's activities are managed by a non-profit private Science Center Foundation whose purpose is to promote general knowledge of science and scientific practice, the results and applications of science, as well as their effects and significance. Social responsibility is promoted e.g. through inclusive science center work by finding underserved audience groups, expanding participation and diversifying Heureka's audience base. Accessibility, equality and diversity are very important guiding factors for Heureka. Heureka's social responsibility is also to look for ways to reach more and more people and communities with science communication, and to remove barriers to participation - be they physical, mental or financial. Heureka bears responsibility for society's knowledge base and future by inspiring curiosity and encouraging lifelong and lifelong learning.

More information:
Director of Communications and Services Heli Ainoa, , tel. 040 9015 295.
From the Heureka website: Responsibility in Heureka – Heureka

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  • Heurekassa toteutetuista ympäristöteoista esimerkkinä ovat vuonna 2023 katolle asennetut aurinkopaneelit.

    EcoCompass environmental certificate for Heureka

    Heureka awarded with EcoCompass environmental certificate and Sustainable Travel Finland mark

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