Circular Factory

The Circular Factory is an exhibition on solutions for sustainable development. The visitors are recruited to work at a circular factory of the future, their task being the recycling of familiar objects and materials in an effective, environmentally friendly and economic way. Combining gamification and cooperation, the exhibition enables the visitors to extend product lifespans at a repair workshop, create recycled products at the upcycling workshop and develop sustainable products at the inventor’s workshop.

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In co-operation

What do you really need?

At the circular factory, you can create sustainably produced products and services.

  • Take good care of the items to make sure that they have a long, useful life.
  • Borrow and rent.
  • Buy only what is necessary.
  • Remember that you can always buy used and recycled products.
  • Whenever there’s waste, recycle it.

This creates a positive cycle: products and services are designed to be produced sustainably, avoiding waste.

Our globe is a huge circular economy. We should all adopt the principles of ecological cycles in our own actions. We must use renewable and non-renewable natural resources sustainably to make sure that they continue to meet our growing needs.

Could we make do with just one-tenth of what we are using now?

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