Exhibitions outdoors

Heureka's exhibitions also extend outdoors

Science Park Galilei is open during the summer season

Science Park Galilei is open during the summer season

Heureka’s exhibitions also extend outdoors. Science Park Galilei is an outdoor exhibition area which is open during the summer season (from May to September) and is included in the general admission fee. The outdoor park is filled with gigantic exhibits from a number of different fields of science.

In front of the main entrance

Penrose tiling

Outside area in the front of the Heureka’s entrance is tiled in Penrose tiling. This tiling area is always open and free to the public.

Bedrock exhibition

Learn about Finland’s bedrock in the exhibition garden outside of Heureka’s main entrance. The 124 different specimens in the bedrock exhibition are representative of those that comprise Finland’s bedrock. The bedrock exhibition features rock specimens from all provinces of Finland. The exhibition is free and open to the public.