The Power of Play

Long live playfulness and curiosity!

Welcome to Heureka’s Pavilion of Play!   

Play is natural and necessary for people’s welfare. Through play, we get to know our world, ourselves, and each other. Play is the seed of our culture and the foundation of a happy life.  

We learn to play by playing, and we should maintain this skill throughout our lives.   

In the Pavilion of Play, we have planted different kinds of play that sprout and thrive from studying the science of play. There are five varieties of play in the Pavilion:  

  • Silliness  
  • Creativity  
  • Adventure and exploration  
  • Daring  
  • Caring  

These make the diversity and variety of play tangible.   

You can explore your own attitude towards play in the Pavilion of Play. What games excite me? At what kind of play do I shine? When we play together, we allow our imagination to create new things and nourish us. Failing is also allowed in the Pavilion of Play – no need to take yourself seriously.  

Enjoy yourselves playing!