Me, Myself & AI

Artificial Intelligence –

Me, Myself & AI

The exhibition introduces visitors to the basics of AI development, interaction between people and AI-operated robots, and the social dimensions of AI development in a fun and interactive way. AI is already part of our everyday lives in various ways. Because AI is built by us, we should also together think about what we want AI to be like and how we want to use it.

Heureka’s exhibition explores AI with a humane approach

The story of the Scientist working with AI runs in the background of the AI exhibition. Visitors will visit the Scientist’s home, yard and workshop. The Scientist has developed fun gadgets that use AI in her home. She wants to find out all the things we can do with AI. The exhibition introduces visitors to the basics of AI and various AI-related terms, including machine learning, algorithm, language model, machine vision and reinforcement learning. Explanations are available in Finnish, Swedish, English and easy Finnish.

AI opens up to visitors through various activity-based exhibits. At the Scientist’s home, visitors can draw pictures and write poetry with AI. At the Poem with AI exhibit, visitors must first type a few keywords for AI. AI will then use them to suggest the opening line of a poem. Once the opening line has been selected, AI will make other suggestions to continue the poem. Visitors can print out their poem written with AI and take it home. The exhibit demonstrates how the ability of AI to process natural language allows AI to perform tasks that require linguistic understanding and text production. Significant leaps forward have also been made regarding Finnish in recent years. The exhibit has been realized with the University of Helsinki’s Department of Computer Science and the contemporary poetry publishing company co-operative Poesia.

Outside her house, the Scientist has built fun games and gadgets that use AI for a soon-to-start party. There, visitors can try to beat an AI-controlled robotic arm in Rock Paper Scissors! By playing Rock Paper Scissors!, visitors can see how quickly AI can predict human activities when making simple selections. AI is continuously building a behavioural pattern based on the human player’s selections, and it adapts its decisions accordingly.

In her workshop at the back of the yard, the Scientist is training moving robots that contain AI, working with supercomputers, and studying how AI solutions can be made reliable and responsible. In the workshop, visitors can study the basics of machine learning, including what supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning means. The key message of the exhibition is that people are needed to develop AI. This is highlighted in concrete terms.