"Musta tuntuu..."

Want to sponsor a project to set up an interactive work of art?

Want to sponsor a one-of-a-kind sculpture?

We are looking for partners for a project in which an impressive, interactive work of art with a diameter of 6 metres is set up. The location of the piece will be in a visible spot at the entrance of the Science Centre.

The work titled “Musta tuntuu…” won the idea competition organised by Heureka and STEK and was designed by Architect Pentti Kareoja and Sculptor Aimo Katajamäki. The metal sculpture integrates science and art with the laws of optics and new technological innovations.

The sculpture resembles a black sun or a hole in the landscape and illustrates the importance of space through art. When the darkness falls, the blackness of the work transforms into light that comes to life depending on the viewer’s movement and angle of view. The impressive illuminated sculpture leaves a significant and long-lasting mark in the urban landscape.

This work of art will certainly appeal to visitors from near and far!

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