The Idea Workshop

The Idea Workshop is an area for creative problem-solving

The Idea Workshop

The Idea Workshop is a whole new area for creative problem-solving. At the Idea Workshop, you can create ideas and build answers to different challenges. We offer materials and tools with which you can create unique solutions – there is no single right answer. The Idea Workshop gives room for creativity, and it develops cooperation and problem-solving skills, knowledge of different materials and technical understanding.Take up the challenge.

  • Invent, build and experiment.
  • Make improvements and try again: success is often preceded by many failures.

At the Idea Workshop, you can take part in a brainstorming and innovation process

Come and try!

  • In the Shadow theatre, you can create your own stories and
  • Build a ball track

In addition, there are two interesting challenges:

  • Design a nerdy derby car and
  • Build a circuit