Our Journey in Space

Would you make it as a space professional?

02/2024 - 01/2026

New exhibition: Our Journey in Space

We are journeying through space on the best spaceship that ever existed – planet Earth. We try to keep our spaceship in good working order and protect it from external threats. Space activities are necessary for protecting Earth and the life on it. Teams of space professionals need your contribution to different tasks.

Matkalla avaruudessa -näyttelyn sisäänkäynti

Welcome to the space station of the future!

The Our Journey in Space exhibition is an interactive science exhibition for the whole family. The exhibition provides an overview of current space activities and the plans that will most likely be realised in the following three decades.

The exhibition is set in a time where humans have returned to the Moon and use its resources and conduct research on its surface. A trip to Mars is being planned and the related challenges are being studied.

When the visitor enters the exhibition, they enter a space station of the future that orbits Earth. Behind the space station windows is the shining dome of Earth. On the space station, visitors contribute to the tasks of space professionals that aim at protecting Earth and learning more about the universe.

The individual exhibits are space missions focusing on themes such as removing space debris, space weather and making rocket fuel out of lunar ice. Visitors also get to practice experience driving a lunar rover with a delay, and think about ethical questions.

The key message of the exhibition is: Earth is our best spaceship – let’s take good care of it!

Space activities are necessary for protecting Earth and the life on it.

The exhibition partners include the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, Linde Gas, and the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK), and it was created in collaboration with Finnish and international experts in space technology and research as well as companies and organisations in the field.

The exhibition opens on 10 February 2024 and will be on display until January 2026.

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