Do It Together

DIT-Heureka – Do It Together

Schools have tablets, but they do not yet have sufficient knowledge about good learning applications and how to utilise them in teaching. Startups have games and applications suitable for school use, but they do not have the right users to test them out.

The DIT-Heureka project is offering a solution to these challenges. As part of the project, a controlled test environment is being developed at Heureka, where startups developing learning applications can co-create and develop their applications together with users. Heureka has around 250 000 visitors annually, including 60 000 pupils, interested in science and technology. They make excellent co-creators in a product-development process. Inspiring exhibitions offer an innovative environment for co-creating learning applications.

The new operating model was developed in pilot projects in autumn 2016 and spring 2017, when eight companies developing digital learning applications co-developed their services with pupils. The trial was a success. The companies were happy with the feedback they received during the sessions supporting their development work, and the pupils were excited about experiencing a real product development process: their opinions do matter!

The DIT-Heureka project is funded by The Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

In co-operation

The project will develop

• a new kind of controlled co-creating and project development environment for applications and prototypes for startup companies in the education field;

• an entrepreneurship training service for school groups, which will teach innovation and creative problem solving in addition to providing an opportunity to participate in the project development process;

• and events bringing together companies, teachers and other players in the education field, financiers, and the general public interested in technology.