Giant Dinosaurs

How did they grow so large?

World’s largest Dinosaurs — How did they grow so large?

ExhibitRex Inc., a world leader in touring dinosaur exhibitions, is bringing its blockbuster dinosaur exhibition to Europe in 2018! Based on cutting-edge science and the latest discoveries in dinosaur’s habits and anatomies, this exhibition demystifies the question long asked of these enormous Mesozoic mysteries: how did they grow so large?

The largest dinosaurs – herbivorous titans – grew exponentially larger than any creatures before or since. Why? How? Did they chew their food? Grow as hot-blooded dinosaurs? Breathe as we do? And the meateaters — how hard could they chew? How smart were they?

This uniquely interactive and atmospheric Giant Dinosaur exhibit presents dramatic new European scientific findings about the growth and development of dinosaurs curated by leading palaeontologists.


  • 11 New and scientifically accurate robots up to 20 meters long.
  • 12 Fossil casts up to 20 meters in length, and original fossil bones, eggs and teeth
  • 6 Full-sized dinosaur sculptures including original Jurassic Park movie dinosaurs.
  • 5 Science videos
  • Dig pit and fossil preparation statio

Rental information

Technical information

  • Exhibition: Giant Dinosaurs
  • Exhibits: Skeleton casts, fossils, robots, sculptures, activities, short videos, smell generators
  • Size: 500 – 1,100 m²
  • Ceiling height: 4 meter (plus One 5 meter and one 8 meter Dinosaurs in atrium space) or outdoors.
  • Other requirements: No Environmental Conditions
  • Rental period: Negotiable
  • Other costs: Shipping, insurance, text translations
  • Languages: English
  • Shipping: Three trailers/ containers
  • Availability: Kindly confirm with

Rental Package includes

  • Supervision of installation and dismantling
  • Production of exhibition text layouts
  • Technical training
  • Technical manual
  • Internal electric network
  • Internal lighting system
  • Shipping arrangements
  • Shipping insurance arrangements