Partnership stories

Reaching for the stars: UPM Plywood

UPM Plywood develops and manufactures WISA® plywood and veneer products for construction and various industrial applications.

“For us, the partnership with Heureka provides a good opportunity to share science-based information about wood as a renewable natural resource and about using it responsibly as a material in the innovative applications of the future. Various wood products can be used to replace non-renewable materials currently in use. Heureka is a natural partner for us, and together we can promote science education for children and young people and also inspire them to pursue careers in the modern wood industry. Our partnership began with the Wild Wild Wood impact programme, and along the way, the cooperation has expanded to an unexpected theme – space and satellites.”

“The test model of the world’s first wooden satellite, WISA Woodsat, was launched into the stratosphere from Heureka’s front lawn in summer 2021. Heureka visitors had the opportunity to watch the successful test flight and see Heureka exhibits as well. The stratospheric flight of the wooden satellite tested the satellite’s instrumentation systems and camera equipment. The satellite itself is part of a larger research project that studies how plywood behaves in space conditions,” says Ari Voutilainen, UPM Plywood’s Director, Stakeholder Relations.

The Wild Wild Wood exhibition is part of Heureka’s impact programme. The Wild Wood exhibition illustrates the various properties and diverse applications of wood. The exhibition also highlights the importance of forests and durable wooden products in mitigating climate change.

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