H18 – Heureka events for adults

The wildly popular H18 evenings are events organised by Heureka and intended for adults.

Science, new experiences and a laid-back atmosphere are at the heart of the H18 events. Every event has its own theme with an evening programme packed full of experiences like workshops, expert panels and topical science content. After a night at an H18 event, you may find yourself walking home smarter and freshly inspired. For the duration of the evening, the entire science centre is a fully-licensed drink-friendly zone, except for the planetarium and auditorium. In other words, you can enjoy the evening’s programme along with your favourite refreshments! All of Heureka’s exhibitions are open for the duration of the event.

Heureka’s previous H18 events have been organised around themes such as beer and brewing, dinosaurs and Halloween celebrations. We have hosted lectures on topics ranging from artificial intelligence to zombie apocalypses. Our interactive workshops have produced fake blood, examined hops under microscopes and built electric instruments. The H18 events always have something completely new in store for adults, so come join us and experience the new heights and depths of science!

All our adult-oriented events are organised under the H18 concept. You can tell them apart by their particular visual design and the H18 logo. The H18 events are organised approximately three times a year, and they have an age restriction of 18.

Our next H18 event will be organised in fall 2020. Keep an eye on the Heureka website and social media channels, as we always update them with information on upcoming events!

For questions or feedback regarding events, please contact us at: tapahtumat@heureka.fi